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Title: Leptin;[electronic resource] :;Regulation and Clinical Applications /;edited by Sam Dagogo-Jack, MD.
Authors: D Agogo-J Ack, MD, S Am
Subject: Medicine;Endocrinology;Metabolic diseases;Medicine & Public Health;Endocrinology;Metabolic Diseases;616.4 23;RC648-665.2
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer International Publishing;Imprint Springer,
place: Cham
Abstract: Twenty years after its discovery, recombinant human leptin has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of patients with lipodystrophy. Beginning with a synthesis of the vast body of work on its discovery, dissection of mechani
Description: Printed edition:;9783319099149.
Table of Contents: Discovery of leptin and elucidation of leptin gene expression -- Leptin receptors and mechanism of action -- Leptin interaction with brain orexigenic and anorexigenic pathways -- Measurement of circulating leptin and soluble leptin receptors -- Physiological and hormonal factors that influence leptin production -- Leptin, obesity and leptin resistance -- Leptin and intermediary metabolism: Focus on glucoregulation and lipid metabolism -- Leptin in acute stress -- Leptin and the kidney -- Leptin, immune function, and inflammation -- Leptin and bone -- Leptin, cell cycle, and cancer -- Leptin, the autonomic nervous system, and hypertension -- Dynamic leptin secretion in obesity and diabetes -- Leptin therapy of congenital leptin deficiency -- Leptin therapy in people with normal leptin gene -- Leptin therapy in patients with lipodystrophy and syndromic insulin resistance -- Leptin therapy in women with hypothalamic amenorrhea -- Leptin therapy as a substitute for insulin replacement in experimental models of diabetes: Clinical implications in humans -- Novel combinatorial therapies involving leptin: Opportunities for mechanistic advances and therapeutic translation in human diseases.
ISBN: 9783319099156
9783319099149 (print)
Type: Book
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