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Title: PITUITARY TUMORS;A Comprehensive and Interdisciplinary Approach
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Elsevier
place: United Kingdom
Abstract: It is a pleasure and an honor to write a foreword for Juergen Honegger, Martin Reincke, Stephan Petersenn’s book on Pituitary Tumors, a Comprehensive and Interdisciplinary Approach. Therehavebeenrealsignificantandrapidimprovementsinallaspectsofpituitarytumordiagnosisandtreatment. Itisareallyexcitingtimetobeapituitaryspecialistandbasicsciences,molecularendocrinology,surgicalexpertise,as well as other innovations have hugely benefited the care of patients with pituitary tumors. Further, we are no longer just looking at numbers but quality of life and this can be normal in many instances after the diagnosis of the pituitary tumor. Theeditorsthemselvesarerealexpertsintheirfield.Theythemselveshaveintroducedknowledgeinthefieldeither inthemolecularendocrinologyoftumorigenesis,medicalandothertreatmentsofpituitarytumors,orsurgicalexpertise to improve outcomes. These authors therefore are very well placed to deliver this text to the world. Thewayinwhichpituitarytumormanagementisnowoptimizedisthroughmultidisciplinaryteams.Thismodality has gained widespread acceptance and this is also very important in optimizing care so that different expertise is brought to the multidisciplinary team meeting. The experts that Juergen, Martin, and Stephan have brought to the table in these treaties are amazing. It is thoroughly comprehensive, multidisciplinary, multinational and will be a source of useful knowledge delivering cutting-edge aspects of our specialty. The idea of having video presentations is completely novel and I know that the use of illustrations will be abundant and therefore a joy to read. Editing books is no mean feat and getting everybody’s contribution in can be a challenge, but I know that this volume will be very well received for its comprehensive, cutting-edge, and well-presented approach.
ISBN: 978-0-12-819949-7
Type: Book
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