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Title: A Complete PCOS Diet Plan Book with 4 Week Meal Plan, Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle, and 4 Week Fitness and Exercise Plan to Reduce Your Weight and Prevent Diabetes. PCOS Causes and Symptoms.
Subject: Nutrition;Diet
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: When I was first diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), I was in my mid-twenties. The reason I happened to stumble across having this disorder was a simple and very honest one, which I think happens to many women. I was married and talk had started of starting a family. To know whether or not I was healthy enough and capable of getting pregnant, I decided a trip to the doctor would be wise. You know, to clear the air of any concerns I might have. At the time I was what I thought a healthy, relatively fit, young woman capable of having babies at the drop of a hat. I was proven wrong… I had always resolved myself to being classed as the chubby one in my family. Even though I participated in school and college sports, the weight around my waist in particular never shifted. My cycle was here and there, and so was the quality of my skin. I also assumed that the dark hair on my arms and areas of my face was because I was pale-skinned. These were all symptoms of PCOS that I viewed as separate issues; instead of lumping them together to treat one cause, I tried dieting to shed the weight. I exercised harder, I waxed my arms, went for facials, and bought enough sanitary items to cover barely any flow to heavy flow. And that is how I lived. At least until the day that the doctor showed me on the ultrasound, and the millions of tiny cysts that covered my ovaries. I was told I would have a difficult time falling pregnant, and if I did not do something about the weight and my diet, the problem would persist. I was also in line for developing type 2 diabetes, which runs in my family, and that scared me. I returned to my husband and family with what I thought would be a life sentence until I began talking to friends about it.
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