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dc.description.abstractMedical emergencies in the field of endocrinology encompass thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, and other hormonal systems. These “endocrine emergencies” require specific interventions, beyond normal resuscitation protocols, within 2 to 24 hours to successfully care for a patient. The purpose of this book is to detail the management of endocrine, diabetic, and metabolic emergencies by consensus of experts in the field. We believe that this book will bring the topic areas up to date, set a standard for diagnosis and treatment in each category, and comprehensively cover the area for the practicing clinician. Each chapter begins with a Précis that presents, in concentrated form, what the physician needs to know to begin the evaluation and emergency treatment of known endocrine emergencies, such as facial pain in a patient with poorly controlled diabetes (mucormycosis), or the extreme urgency of a patient presenting with fever and generalized lymphadenopathy (adrenal insufficiency). This is followed by an extended discussion of disease pathophysiology that can be read after initial treatment has begun. Extended discussions will reveal why David bested Goliath with a stone (pituitary apoplexy), explain paroxysms of palpitations and diaphoresis after consuming gruyere cheese with merlot (pheochromocytoma), and how to elicit “main d’accoucheur” sign for the assessment of acute hypocalcemia. This revised edition has new updates in the evaluation and management of adrenal insufficiency, hypercalcemia, hyperchylomicronemia, and edits in the recognition/care of other endocrine emergencies.en_US
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