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Title: 70 years of levothyroxine
Subject: Thyroxine
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Springer
place: Switzerland
Abstract: Levothyroxine (LT4) is celebrating its 70th birthday, since its introduction to the management of hypothyroidism or primary thyroid failure. This is a good opportunity to explore the history and the current state of the art with regard to the therapeutic use of LT4, now one of the mostprescribed treatments worldwide. In our book, we explore the early research that led to an understanding of the role of thyroid gland that led to the initial therapeutic use of LT4. We also describe the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and mechanism of action of LT4, its actions on key target organs (heart and bone), and its use and effects in important special populations (children, older persons, pregnancy, and survivors of thyroid cancer). A concluding chapter summarizes pragmatic recommendations for the practicing physician on the optimal clinical application of LT4 substitution. As the Editor of this book, I am extremely grateful to the nine internationally respected physicians and clinical researchers in the field of thyroid research, based in three continents (Asia, Europe, and the Americas), who agreed to join me to make up our expert Faculty. They were Drs. Takashi Akamizu (Japan), Tomasz Bednarczuk (Poland), Bernadette Biondi (Italy), Gabriela Brenta (Argentina), James Hennessey (USA), Hans-Peter Lipp (Germany), Kris Poppe (Belgium), Salman Razvi (United Kingdom), and Weiping Teng (China). Their expertise, knowledge, and active participation greatly facilitated my task as book Editor. Their important contributions, well-taken points, constructive comments, and excellent proposals made this book possible. This book also benefited from independent peer review by two experts in the field of thyroidology, in addition to the experience and knowledge of our faculty.
ISBN: 9783030632762
Edition: 1st ed
Type: Book
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